Yarn Up

Bringing people together

Yarn Up sessions involve Aboriginal people coming together to learn about the seriousness of diabetes and ways in which it can be prevented and managed.

Diabetes WA offers interactive group presentations targeted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences within an organisation or community setting. The aim of Yarn Up is to:

  • Increase people’s knowledge and understanding of diabetes
  • Help Aboriginal communities to know how to access resources and where to go for further information.

Presentations are delivered by Diabetes WA employees.

Presentations utilise Diabetes WA’s interactive tool ‘Feltman’ and cover topics such as:

  • What is diabetes? Why is it serious?
  • Why, if I am an Aboriginal person, am I at risk of type 2 diabetes?
  • How to prevent diabetes.
  • How to make healthy food choices.
  • Why health checks are so important.
  • Where to go for further information.

To book a presentation or to find out more, contact: aboriginalhealth@diabeteswa.com.au or 1300 001 880.




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