Water Bubbler Project

Reducing soft drink consumption

Drinking too much soft drink causes weight problems, type 2 diabetes and problems with your teeth. These problems are common in Aboriginal people. People in remote communities might drink soft drink because:

  • there is no drinking water
  • soft drinks are easy to buy, cheap and advertised a lot.

See our Soft Drink in Remote Communities Report Summary for more information:


About the project

Diabetes WA, the Public Health Advocacy Institute WA (PHAIWA) and Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation have been working with two remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia to encourage people to drink water instead of soft drink.

In these communities we have:

  • installed water bubblers close to the community store, which provides free cold water
  • provided the community with drink bottles that can be filled up with water instead of buying a bottle of soft drink
  • worked with the community store to help them promote water more

The communities have told us that the water bubbler is well used, especially by children.

We hope to continue the project in other communities, but need more funding to make it happen.

Diabetes WA would like to hear from any sponsor or individuals interested in working with the charity to expand the project.



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