Strong Culture

Engaging young Aboriginal people

The ‘Strong Culture: A Road to Good Health’ resource is an educational package intended to assist teachers, health workers and other community workers in engaging young Aboriginal people in diabetes prevention messages. This program is unique in that local knowledge, traditional ways and practices are drawn upon to captivate and motivate the students, with local Aboriginal elders or community members leading the program.

This package has been designed for use by a variety of community workers including:

  • Teachers and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers. Links to the West Australian school curriculum outcomes have been included within each module. Depending on the activities undertaken links to other parts of the curriculum will also be possible (i.e. art, science).
  • Aboriginal Health Workers
  • Health Promotion Officers and Community Development Officers
  • Other community leaders with a desire to engage young Aboriginal people in diabetes prevention.

This program was originally developed for implementation with children aged between 10 and 12 years old; however, the project activities can be altered to suit children of different ages.

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