What is the NDSS?

Diabetes WA administers the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) in WA, working with a network of almost 600 pharmacies and aged care facilities across the state, to provide the diabetes community with free and subsidised products and services. The NDSS is free for everyone with diabetes including Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational.

Why should I tell my patients to join the NDSS?

People registered on the NDSS get free or cheaper diabetes products, including:

  • Free pen needles
  • Free syringes
  • Cheaper blood glucose testing
  • Cheaper insulin pump consumables
  • Cheaper urine testing strips

People registered on the NDSS can also attend our diabetes programs for free. These include DESMOND, Living with Diabetes, CookSmart, MeterSmart, FootSmart and ShopSmart.

It is important that we know how prevalent diabetes is in the community. Registering patients on the NDSS provides you and your community with access to services and support to help people with diabetes lead a more healthy and active life. As the register grows, Diabetes WA will be able to establish a more accurate picture of the needs of people living with diabetes across Australia.

What is my role as a health professional?

All health professionals working with Aboriginal people have an important role to play. The NDSS needs the support of health professionals to tell patients about the NDSS and help them fill out the forms.

While all health professionals can encourage and support patients register for the NDSS, the NDSS Registration form must be certified by a doctor or a diabetes educator. GPs and diabetes educators need to support other health professionals working with ATSI communities to register their patients on the NDSS.

For more information please see the NDSS website.


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