Joining the NDSS

What is the NDSS?

NDSS stands for the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

The NDSS is a Commonwealth Government program managed by Diabetes WA in this State.

The NDSS was set up to help people with all types of diabetes enjoy a healthier and more active life. If you have diabetes and hold a Medicare card you can get all sorts of benefits through the NDSS.

Why should I join the NDSS?

People registered on the NDSS get free or cheaper diabetes products, which means joining the NDSS will save you money. If you join the NDSS you can get:

  • Free pen needles
  • Free syringes
  • Cheaper blood glucose testing
  • Cheaper insulin pump consumables
  • Cheaper urine testing strips

People registered on the NDSS can also attend our diabetes programs for free. These include DESMOND, Living with Diabetes, CookSmart, MeterSmart, FootSmart and ShopSmart.

Diabetes WA receives funding through the NDSS to deliver programs to people with diabetes. So by registering for the NDSS you are supporting Diabetes WA to provide more services to the community.

How do I register on the NDSS?

All you need to do is complete the NDSS registration form, have it signed by a Medical Practitioner or Credentialed Diabetes Educator and return it to:

Diabetes WA
PO Box 1699
Subiaco  WA  6904

If you want to register on the National Gestational Diabetes Register, you can use the same NDSS registration form.

Your doctor or health worker can also help you register and send in the form for you. Just ask them about joining the NDSS.

For more information please see the NDSS website.



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